Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort Hosted a Unique - Distinctive New Year’s Eve Celebration

6 Jan 2017 | Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort

Tanah Lot, Tabanan, 6 January 2017 - Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort was keeping up the revelry of New Year’s Eve festivity with a distinctive fair of celebrations, organized by the resort’s talented team. Guests and associates enjoyed a jubilant start to 2017 with festivities throughout the resort’s dining venues, followed by a one-of-a-kind after dinner The Jungle Book Party at the Grand Ballroom.

The enchanting evening began its magic as guests descended into celebration mood in three different setting of Merica Restaurant, Driftwood or Tanah Lot Gastro Deli where exciting live music performances added brightness to the gala. A dazzling real-live jungle decoration awaited guests at “The Jungle Book” party afterwards, bringing jungle book inspired arts and ornaments, all by the skillful artists of this award-winning resort

The project, which was in the works for over two months, took about three weeks to build with all the artwork and decoration done by the talented team of associates. The night kicked off with a soaring entrance over the jungle with a serene rhythm of the jungle habitat. At the Grand Ballroom, wildlife animal sculptures were showcased and the little VIPs were treated with fun-filled dart and bracelet throw activities. Guests enjoyed a night of specially concocted smoothies and cocktails with enthralling performances, a live DJ, champagne at midnight and mesmerizing after-dinner fireworks display enhanced the year-end revelry. “Creating the finest moment’s for our guests lasting memory is our primary objective which runs deep into our core values. Year by year, we put our utmost effort to provide an one-of-a-kind, distinctive year-end thematic celebration.”, said Guy Owen – General Manager.

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