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Offer Highlights

Festive Dinner and Dance Package Celebrate and mark your company's milestones with a jubilant year-end celebration.

Dinner and Dance at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore Celebrate
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore

Dinner and Dance

Create beautiful, lasting memories with specially designed Dinner and Dance packages at Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore.

Free flow
beer and house wines

Epicurean Treasures - Jamon Iberico, Belon Oysters and Lobsters Dining
Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore

Epicurean Treasures - Jamón Ibérico, Belon Oysters and Lobsters

Delight in this season's Epicurean Treasures - Jamón Ibérico, Belon Oysters and Lobsters at 10 at Claymore.


Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore

Enjoy impeccable hospitality as you revel in modern comfort at the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping belt.

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