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Stay in the midst of Tianjin's prime cultural hub at Pan Pacific Tianjin, where the vibrant Tianjin Ancient Cultural Street, Italian Street and iconic historical sites such as the Tianjin Eye, Palace of Queen of Heaven and Tianjin Zhongshan Park are located within walking distance. Take a stroll along the beautiful banks of the Haihe River for a refreshing experience like no other. Pan Pacific Tianjin also conveniently places you within 10 minutes of the Tianjin Railway Station - the gateway to Beijing - as well as many business and multinational corporation offices.

  • Driving directions from Tianjin Railway Station to Pan Pacific Tianjin

    From Tianjin Railway station, drive along Hai He East Road, and should reach the hotel within 15 minutes drive.

      Driving directions from Tianjin Binhai International Airport to Pan Pacific Tianjin:
    • Start from the airport, and drive 140 meters, and turn to the left
    • Driving 1000 meters, and turn left to the airport express way
    • Driving along the airport express way for 2.2 KM, heading for the downtown/Jing Jin TANG Express
    • Later turn right and drive to the airport bridge.
    • Driving 1.3 KM along the airport bridge, and heading for JING HAN Road
    • Driving 1.1 KM along the JING HAN Road, and turn right to the connecting point of JING HAN
    • Driving 800 meters along the connecting road, and drive onto the sideway
    • Drive 1.0 KM along the sideway into the AH3
    • Driving 5.2 KM along the AH3, and turn right and drive to the JING ZHONG Road Bridge
    • Driving 1.2 KMs along the JING ZHONG Road, and turn right at the ERMEIQI Bridge into the sideway.
    • Drive 120 meters along the sideway into the JING ZHONG Bridge
    • Drive 90 meters into the JIN JI Connecting road
    • Drive 130 meters along the JIN JI Connecting road, and head for JIN ZHONG HE Road
    • Drive 4.5 KMs along the JIN ZHONG HE Road, and pass the JIN SHI Bridge and head for SHI ZI LIN Road
    • From Shi zi lin road to reach the hotel

  • Address

    No. 1 Zhang Zi Zhong Road,
    Hong Qiao District, Tianjin,
    China, 300091

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